All Caught-Up Inside Your Own Head?

Posted by Erik Landrum on January 10, 2020 in Administrative Topics, F&I Selling Strategies, General Communication Skills, Going Forward

Having a bad month, are you? Couldn’t give away a shotgun during a prison riot? Instead of the Midas touch you’ve developed something, perhaps, more akin to that of the Grim Reaper?

If this describes your current state of affairs, or when it happens next (because we all fall into ruts, from time to time)…remember, folks would much rather come to your party than your wake!

When things are misaligned in our minds, they manifest outwardly in our behavior.

Ever notice how lonely things seem to become when you’re having a bad month? Colleagues don’t even want to eat their lunch with you! You very well may be offering the best products in the world, but when you are off
message…no one is going to want to catch what you’ve got. Good or, unfortunately in this case, bad, seems to run in streaks.

Why does this happen?

We often lay blame on environmental factors as a self-defense mechanism. Business is slow, another cash deal, line 5 calls, another outside lien, the salesperson set things up wrong, etcetera. It’s easier than accepting responsibility. While these things obviously do happen, are they entirely to blame for our misfortune? Besides, if we acknowledge ANY of the fault lies at our own feet, won’t this further erode our confidence?

It’s usually best to accurately identify what is really happening, prior to attacking any problem. In this case, we may think the problem is simply that we’re having a route of bad luck. This, however, may be the result of the real problem…our attitude has slipped.

Clichés are usually best avoided, but attitude really is everything! Our attitude outwardly manifests itself in our behavior and actions. We can’t help but show it, and, when negative, the anxiety is noticeable. Frustration begins to creep in and, gone too long, could begin to (d)evolve into desperation.

Throw a little constructive thought at this problem. Has anything changed? Have you recently begun to experiment with some time-saving shortcuts to your process? Did you get a little lazy or, perhaps out of necessity, as deals recently came flying at you from every direction, you had to skip your rapport-building/discovery exercise…also known as your initial Guest interview. Maybe early results weren’t too bad and falsely indicated that these processes could be a waste of time???

How do we bust out of this mess?

Push the clutter out of your mind by replacing all those negative thoughts with task-oriented processes. Get back to your fundamentals and don’t compromise your rapport. Wisely invest a little quality time in your initial interview and get to know your Guests. Be genuinely concerned about their needs and let THAT show in your efforts! If you aren’t good at multi-tasking…DON’T! Avoid anything that will distract from this extremely important activity.

Remember, if you care, it will show. If folks like you, they’ll listen to you! If they listen to you, you’ll be able to communicate the benefits of your products and services. Otherwise, it’s karaoke-night, you’re intoxicated and, even though you may think you sound great, the singing is really pretty horrible!

What kind of “vibe” are you putting out there?

Think about it.

Good luck and good selling!

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