How Do You Make Them Feel?

Posted by Erik Landrum on April 13, 2019 in F&I Selling Strategies, General Communication Skills, Interacting with Colleagues/Internal Customers, When to Present Your Menu

I have been extremely fortunate, in my travels, to make the acquaintance of some remarkable folks…many bright, talented individuals who each bring a great deal to the party, if you will. A very successful Dealer Principal, for example, once shared with me that, “folks will forget about what you say and they’ll forget about what you do…long before they forget about how you make them feel!”

Truer words don’t come to mind. It’s simple cause and effect.

His wisdom provides the explanation, the salient reasoning for the myriad of seemingly insignificant, minor steps that we follow during our time with our Guests (Internal and External). This is why we do what we do (or, perhaps haven’t been doing, if we find our goals unrealized)!

We are well served by frequently asking ourselves, “how am I making these folks feel?” From the moment a Salesperson hands us their deal, to the first seconds in which their Guests will be formulating an opinion of us, through the completion of that deal, and the entirety of our day…how do those around us feel afterwards?

Cause…When we first receive that next deal, lets quickly scan the deal jacket, verify everything is complete, and thank our Salesperson for the opportunity. Effect…They may be pleasantly surprised they aren’t being interrogated about finance related issues, regarding their deal, and pleased you have acknowledged their efforts with gratitude.

Cause…We’ll promptly greet their Guest (at the Salesperson’s desk, where the Guest(s) are already comfortable and familiar), introduce ourselves, congratulate them and ask where they’ll be taking the first trip in their new (or new to them) vehicle. Effect…We’ve created a favorable first impression and lent levity to a stressful situation.

Cause…We’ll explain what we do and conduct a proper interview with the Guest. Effect…Expectations are being managed and we have impressed upon them that we care about: them, attention to detail, their deal, and how they would like the particulars handled.

Cause…Accurate information has been secured. Effect…Productivity destroying inaccuracies are avoided.

Cause…As soon as we walk the Guest(s) into our office, we’ll seat them, introduce them to our “high quality” pens (intentionally shabified…self-deprecating humor is awesome!), and allow them to begin to take ownership of their new vehicle through the signing of non-threatening ancillary/non-decision requiring documents.

Effect…Impressions have been further established that we are courteous, own (and belong in) our work space, have again provided a little levity, and are allowing the Guest(s) to begin to take ownership of their new vehicle.

Cause…Through all of our previous efforts, we have established, beyond question, that we are experts at what we do! We may, therefore, be entitled to make a recommendation (regarding our menu) as to which option column we feel is best suited to their needs and usage patterns. Effect…Our Guests are able to formulate wise, well-informed choices as to how to protect and preserve their new vehicle.

Throughout ALL of your daily interactions with both your External, as well as your Internal Guests, how are you making them feel?

Think about it.

Good luck and good selling!

Erik Landrum
F&I Performance Coach at Conley Insurance Group

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