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Posted by Erik Landrum on April 12, 2019 in F&I Selling Strategies, Objection Handling

Previously, we considered how we might encourage the Salespeople to properly prioritize their time utilization.

This was done not only to benefit them, but of course ourselves, as well. Unfortunately, even the best efforts will be lost on some. Our Salespeople may still be functioning as “Expert Negotiators”, and short cutting their sales process. They may not be educating their Guests, about all the high-tech features in the new vehicle, before they ask for the sale, before the Guest comes to the Business Office. Of course, the obvious result is a Guest who may lack perspective.

Now what?

A Business Manager friend of mine, Michael Baek, recently showed me a terrific, simple idea. With his permission, I’m happy to share what we’ll refer to as our back-up plan.

If we receive a Guest(s) who lacks perspective, and who, in spite of our efforts, is leaving behind the opportunity to take advantage of our vehicle service contract, we’ll grab one of our business cards. Write the required investment, to take advantage of the offering, on the card. Hand it to your Guest.

They’ll ask, “what’s this?”

You’ll respond “you’ll want to hang onto that! That’s what you can take advantage of the VSC for.”

They’ll respond, “I told you, I’m not interested.”

You’ll continue, “in about 5 minutes, I’m going to turn you back over to your Salesperson, Charlie.

He’s going to spend some quality time with you reviewing all the high-tech features of your new vehicle. Once you see everything, you’ll be glad you have this!”

And that’s if you’re working with a cash paying Guest!

If the folks you’re working with are financing, you owe it to them to explain that by exercising their option to include it in the financing, they are able to eat the elephant a little bitty bite at a time…versus choking on it all at once. That option closes, unfortunately, once the finance contract is turned in to the lender.

That’s it. Simple, smooth, and easy!

You, like me, may have been guided, previously, by the thought that if they were leaving your office exposed, that was the final word.

It isn’t!

Give your Guests the benefit of the doubt that they may be merely lacking a little perspective. Make it okay that they revisit the opportunity with you, after the initial paperwork, to change their mind! Don’t be surprised when you see them walking down the hall, on their way back to see you, before they leave.

Thank you, Michael, for taking the time to share some of your finesse with us. We greatly appreciate your wisdom and expertise!

Think about it.

Give it a try.

Good luck and good selling!

Erik Landrum
F&I Performance Coach at Conley Insurance Group

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